Fabulous desserts buffet in Marbella

We have been for a long time far from our blog, designing the new season weddings. But we are back!! Loving the idea of showing you our last weddings & events… We have lots of beautiful moments to share with all of you.

Our weddings & parties are built around the highest standards of spanish & international best gastronomy. Food and wine are a very important area of our culture, and we design lovely set ups for you and your guests to enjoy.

And after a fabulous dinner… what about a desserts buffet? This is what we designed for Natalia’s wedding. The best help for dancing all night long…


Design, Styling & Planning, Sí! Quiero
Photo, Lux Poem
Flowers, Pedro Navarro

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A wedding styled in klein blue

Celia and Fernando are a very special couple. In our first meeting, they knew absolutely all they wanted. First time in my 17 years designing gorgeous weddings: everything was in their minds. I mean: every single detail! And they were millions…

Our goal was to design each detail with their blue-klein color scheme and the style they wanted (a very funny wedding), to organize everything with a successful timing (our expertise is the real difference), and plan and then coordinate such a funny and crazy (as we had thousands of personalized things for each one of their 400 guests) day to do an unforgettable wedding.


Celia and Fer had lots of live musicians and dancers. A giant LEDs screen (with an entrance video) that opened for them to come in with a blue SideCar Vespa. A brilliant Michelin Starred caterer with all kind of stations in which we organized a game to play for the guests for signing in every corner and then a fabulous gift. An stunning dinner. Video games with cartoons of them in big screens. And much more things… candy bar, desserts buffet, cocktail bars and many many others… Everything you can imagine.

In the exit, the “slogan” we used in the wedding: “caminando juntos”, means “walking together” in big letters. The candlelight drew the aisle for their new life, hand by hand…

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Design & Planning, Sí! Quiero
Fotografías, 100% fotos
Branding y papelería, Connubivm
Vestidos de novia, Valentín Herráiz
Flores, Pedro Navarro

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Romantic wedding in Marbella

Mirror tables, candles, glass and pink flowers, as hydrangeas and peonies, were the main elements we used for Almudena wedding in Marbella. Romantic but sophisticated, tender but no too much, sweet but strong.

We designed the stationery using a lovely pattern: the fuchsia invitations, the silver menu cards, place cards, seating plan, and was the pattern for the dancing area, too.

That was the beach wedding we designed close by the waves, with live music and stunning fireworks.

1-688_pedrojaen-com_za1n8382_sq573_pedrojaen-com_img_5736531_pedrojaen-com_img_5710528_pedrojaen-com_img_5706681_pedrojaen-com_za1n8363689_pedrojaen-com_za1n83831786_pedrojaen-com_img_5967Design&Planning, Sí! Quiero
Fotografías, Pedro Jaén
Papelería, Connubivm

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