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Sí! Quiero by Sira Antequera, Luxury Wedding Planners, Party Planners & Event Designers

Our celebrations are unique. We design and plan first-class events full of art, elegance, harmony and beauty. Romantic ceremonies, emotional weddings, the funniest parties, stunning Honey Moons, glamorous birthdays, jaw-drop celebrations. We create experiences full of pleasure for your senses, from the heart of the Spanish heritage and Mediterranean culture (Marbella, Ibiza, Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid...), to any other dream place in the world, achieving a world-class destination wedding. A luxury experience made to measure for our sophisticated clients.

Sira Antequera, Wedding Artist and founder of Sí! Quiero, is the first Wedding Planner in Spain. More than seventeen years creating the most sought-after celebrations, than become trend then.