We let our clients speak for us

Manuel and Alba

manuel alba

Before I contacted 'Sí! Quiero' I had lots of questions and doubts. Would you be the right person? Would you be able to understand what I like? I am doing the right thing handing over the organization of my wedding to someone else?

Finally the day of our first meeting arrived and we went through our first check list together... Do you have this? No, OK. Do you have this? No... No we didn't have anything organized at all! But this didn't matter because you had a suggestion for everything. Before I met you I wondered how good 'Sí! Quiero' was, I left knowing that you knew the world of weddings extremely well.

Then circumstances forced you into showing us exactly how good you are – we decided to change our wedding from a civil ceremony to a church ceremony, so completely changing all of our plans – but you adapted to it all. Everything was possible, the way you work and your dedication meant that you overcame every obstacle that we gave you, we just had to show you what we wanted and you made it happen.

This made all of the doubts that I started with disappear and I relaxed in the knowledge that I was dealing with a professional, someone who knew and who had a great deal of confidence in what they were doing, and clever, really clever! (well, I have to be honest about everything don't I!). You are the kind of person who CAN put the square peg into the round hole and with finesse!

How can I talk about my wedding Sira, without mentioning the themed invitations, the beautiful table clothes or the chill out zone? I will not go into all the changes that we made or the special requirements that we had because if so I would be writing a book, it is suffice to say that nothing we wanted was simple. The invitations had to have a specially made envelope and whilst they were being printed, I called you and asked you to stop the press and change the font we had chosen. Then, later, we asked you to change it back again...

Tablecloths. The best thing is to repeat our conversation:
Me: "Sira, I am not sure if these table clothes are really the ones..."
Sira: "Yes they are, you'll see".

Two weeks and a dozen changes of mind later, it turned out that yes, those were the perfect tablecloths.

And the chill out: a total surprise for me. Incredible how you brought it to the venue two days before our wedding without me knowing!!

What I would most like to say Sira here is that I would work with you again a million times over. Thanks to you (and only you know why) I had everything I wanted on the day on my wedding. You treated me in a way that I have only ever experienced before from my parents. You fought for me every step of the way to ensure that I had only the best and that everyone I wanted was present.

I can only say 'thank you' a million times over for all that you did; you dedicated your life and soul to my wedding (and I don't think that was on one of your checklists!!).

Hugs and kisses ;)

Félix and Yvonne

felix yvonne

It was a privilege working with Sira, she made us feel confident that everything was under control. Yvonne is learning Spanish and although she is quite proficient, she would not have been able to organize or deal with all the finer details. Sira was our savior, she knew how to turn everything that Yvonne and I wanted into reality. During our wedding day, everything flowed effortlessly; there were no hiccups or moments of worry or doubt. Everything was perfectly orchestrated.

Thank you Sira, we hope to see you at our golden wedding anniversary. Thank you, hugs!

Félix and Carla

Hello!! Thank you very much for everything! We had a great time! Everything was wonderful and our guests were delighted. A lot of people have told us that it was the best wedding they have been to and Felix and I now have a wonderful memory to keep forever. Everything came off perfectly and I am very grateful for your help!

The ceremony was great! Thank you for everything!

A very big hug!

Raúl and Eveline

Raul y Eveline 4

I have no words to express how grateful I am, you created a beautiful wedding. There was not a single person who did not come and tell us that it had been the best wedding they had ever been to. Not a single detail was missed; the soft rose lighting that we used, the sweets and dessert buffet, the saxophonist creating a wonderful ambience for the cocktail reception, the gift to our guests of a photo with out initials...we could relax knowing that Sira had everything under control. For more than a year we worked together organizing our wedding and during all that time Sira transmitted serenity and confidence, she gave us ideas, she listened to us, and above all she was as patient as a saint. Our wedding would definitely not have been the same without 'Sí! Quiero'. We have one piece of advice for anyone thinking of getting married: if you really want a perfect day, a wedding to remember for a long time, count on 'Sí! Quiero'. They helped me so much and now they are helping my sister! Thank you!


Iván and Alba

Ivan y Alba 3

Hello Sira,

My daughter's wedding was PERFECT but... there was just one piece of advice that we did not listen to and it was the only mistake we made. There were so many beautiful moments to remember, speeches that we now cannot hear, or comments from family and friends which brought tears to our eyes on the day which now only remain in our memories, all because we did not listen to you ...why did we not make a VIDEO??

Thank you for everything and a thousand kisses.

PS. To all other brides – MAKE A VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!